Built Safe Reliable Guaranteed

United Elevators Modernisations

Improve the safety of older lifts

Improve comfort & ride quality

Increase reliability and service

Increase vale of your building

Reduce running costs

Compliant to all South African Government Regulations

We warrant the modernised equipment for a period of 20 years.

(Provided we maintain the equipment)

Some of our standard features for more features and optional extras click here

Energy Efficient

LED lighting in cabin as well as florescent tubes Save up to 50% on your Lifts energy bill

LED Lighting

LED lighting in cabin as well as florescent tubes

VVVF Main Drive

Smooth run operation and accurate levels under all lode conditions.

Automatic floor bypass

When the car is full with passengers or the car load is at its pre-set value, the car will automatically bypass the hall calls on the landing in order to maximise floor travel efficiently.

VVVF Door Drive

Door motor speed can be accurately adjusted to get a smooth speed curve, as the doors open or close, ensuring a smooth door operation

Overload stop

When the car is overloaded, a buzzer will sound and the elevator will not move until the overload condition is cleared.

Fault diagnosis record

With the help of this record function, faults can be traced rapidly in order to keep your down time to a minimum.

Command car call cancel

If the incorrect floor button is pressed on the COP (Car Operating Panel)this can be cancelled by pressing the same call button again to cancel the call.

We are currently upgrading a building in Pretoria, 33 story @ 4 meters per second lifts, new  LCD Digitalis, new landing buttons, new regenerative drives, new machines, new controllers, new door dive system and wiring where necessary.

Important Factor

When a lift becomes obsolete lift components need to be made-up (Engineered) this means the down time is lengthy which is detrimental to the service of the building. In Some instances the components cannot even be made-up and this is when a modernisation is imperative.

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We will assess the lifts and advise you of the best options suited for your environment, ensuring that your lifts operate at their optimum.

Standard Features

  • Car Operating Panel (C.O.P)

    KLC 102 COP (Car Operating Panel)


    Standard COP (Car Operating Panel)

    LCD Displays or Multi media displays.

  • Hall Operating Panel  (H.O.P)

    KLE 102



    HOP (Hall Operating Panel)

    LCD Digital blue LED button indication

    KLE 103-2



    HOP (Hall Operating Panel)

    LCD Digital blue LED button indication

  • Optional Extras Jambs

    Wide Jamb



    Finishes power coated steel

    or brushed stainless steel (Please see important note below.)

    Extra Wide Jamb With Wide Fold Over



    Finishes power coated steel

    or brushed stainless steel(Please see important note below.)

    The Wide Jambs are made in South Africa and are fitted after the lift is install.

    The reason for this is the Jams are easily damaged by builders when they fill them in.

  • Optional Extras



    Security access only and can be made to work on various floors




    In the event of power failure the lift will automatic level into next floor open the doors and shut down



    We will supply a camera point in the lift cabin from controller to cabin

    the rest of the installation needs to be carried out by an accredited CCTV installer



    A regenerative inverter drive that does not just save energy, but injects any surplus safely into the mains or shares it with other connected drives to reduce energy costs.

  • Optional Extras For C.O.P

    LCD Display for COP ( Car Operating Panel )

    LCD Display

    Multi Media Display as the lift go to next floor the picture on the display will change (COP'S ONLY)

  • Controllers

  • Cabin Interiors

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