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Elevator removal is a unique and specialised field requiring experience and industry know how to safely and efficiently remove an elevator.


In most cases the elevator/s that require to be removed are in existing occupied and tenanted buildings. As experts in the removal of elevators in existing buildings, we know how important it is to ensure any inconvenience is kept to an absolute minimum.


Having worked with many Body Corporates, some of the major developing companies and many of the smaller ones, we know exactly what is required to ensure your old elevator is removed safely and efficiently and your new one installed in the shortest amount of time.


In order to keep your building cost down we will do a pre site inspection to assess the condition of the elevators and the landing doors frames. If the frames are in good condition we will retain them and fit our subframes into the existing frames thus keeping your civil cost to minimum, ensuring your project runs smoothly with no delays, fuss or issues.

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